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Friday, March 1, 2013

Technique Tutorial Day - March

Welcome March and special hello to all the Cricut FANatics !  Its time again for our new monthly feature, Technique Tutorial Day with Debbie O'Neal of Scrap Me Quick Designs, home of die cutting inspiration. Before we get started I wanted to share a fun March fun fact with you.

Did you know that March used to be the beginning of the calendar year? "The word 'March' comes from the Roman 'Martius'. This was originally the first month of the Roman calendar and was named after Mars, the god of war. March was the beginning of our calendar year. We changed to the 'New Style' or 'Gregorian calendar in 1752, and it is only since then when we the year began on 1st January."  I found this to be interesting and hope you do too.

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Technique Tutorial - Using Glaze Pens on Die Cuts

This month.  I wanted to show you a way to embellish your die cut that you may not have thought to use before.   

1.  Lets talk about Sakura Glaze Pens.  These pens are great for adding some shiny pizzaz to
     your die cut images.  You may already have some of these in your stash or they are easily found
    in sets or separately at your local craft stores. They are easy to use and don't require any special
    skills. The Glaze pens give you a different look than the popular alchohol pens like Copics
    or Spectrum Noir. Note: If you want a softer look you can always use the Sakura Souffle pens
    which gives you a milky color instead. 

Sakura Gel Pens
2. Give it a try.  Cut any Cricut image of your choice
Cricut Image out of cardstock
3.  Using the Sakura Gel Pens, outline or draw patterns on your Cricut image. The pens dry in
     seconds and are easy to layer multiple colors with each other such as shown below with the
     pink and purple.

See how shiny and pretty the Sakura Pens look on your image
4.  Use the pens to color in some of the cut out shapes on your images. See how I used the pen
     to color in the nose, mouth, eye lashes and even outline the bow, ears and added finger marks.
     You can even use the pens to draw added pieces on your die cuts not foudn on the original image.
     I even added some shoes to the bear below so don't be afraid to do a little free-hand drawing on
     your images too.

See how the cut image is so much more defined and personalized now?
Your final project will be a real standout by taking the time to enhance your die cuts with the Sakura Gel Pens so give them a try some time.
Have you used the Gel Pens before? Did you like them?  Have any questions about them?  Leave a comment what you think about these for embellishing your die cut images.


  1. Love these pens, they write so smoothly, I've never had a problem with them except they do eventually run out of ink...lol

    Thanks for sharing...

  2. "Beary" cute LO! I also love these pens. I use the clear one a lot.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial -- your layout is very cute!!

  4. How fun! I have a set of Sakura but not the gilttery ones! Your layout came out great :)

  5. Cute layout. Thanks for the tutorial. I need help lots of help with techniques for embellishing with inks including pens.

  6. Great layout! I forgot how much fun colored gel pens could be! Love the teddy, thanks for the reminder. I have to pull my Sakuras out and give them some love!

  7. Wonderful layout :) now I will have to add some gel pens to my "gotta have it" list!

  8. Great tutorial! Love that technique! Your LO is beary cute too!

  9. Such an adorable layout (and subject)! Thanks for the pointers about using the pens. It really does make a big difference.

  10. Love your technique! thanks, and cute layout!


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