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Monday, April 1, 2013

Announcements and Technique Tutorial Day


We are no longer going to be able to continue the blog.  We are so sorry but it is just too much work to keep creating the awesome projects our design team contributes every day.  We are sure you understand that this is an april fools joke. Ha, Ha....GOTCHA . Please dont tell people we are closing the blog...just trying to be funny and celebrate April Fools Day.
First, let me apologize by telling you that I totally forgot to edit the Inlinz Linky for our Cricut Crafty Challenge #6 when we extended our challEnge date ! (Thanks to MicheleG for bringing this to my attention.) So we are extending the contest once again just through today, April 1st.  Go link up your projects pretty please. Becka puts a lot of work in to creating each challenge and we would love to see more of your projects posted in any of our challenges.  We will announce the winner on April 5th.  This is NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE !  Now hurry up and go post your projects...you have until tonight, April 1st at midnight CST. 
Encase you haven't figured it out, this is Debbie of www.scrapmequickdesigns.com/  and the sometimes forgetful administrator of Cricut FANatics :)   It's Technique Tutorial Day here on Cricut FANatics and I decided we should explore something many of you may not take the time to do with your die cuts....Today, it's ALL about GLITTERING !  
Sometimes as you are working on a project, you may think to yourself...self, I need a bit of sparkle here.  Admit it, I know you do.  We all need a little bit of shine in our projects now and again. But how to achieve that is something you may NOT think to do with your die cut shapes.   And glitter doesn't just have to be on a girly page...you can use glitter on any die cut element such as stars, moon, suns, bumper of cars, apples...you name it, you can glitter it and use on any project type.
There are several ways to add a bit of GLITTER to your die cuts.

1.  USE GLITTER PAPER - Cut your die cut shape out of Glitter Paper. Simple enough.  Grab the glitter paper color that works well with your project colors and cut out your selected die cut shape.

TIPS: I have one of my Cricut blades set aside just for cutting glitter paper because it dulls
the blade so much. Plus I have started using the new Cricut Strong Grip Adhesive  that PC sells now.  This mat is great for helping keep the glitter paper from sliding around on that mat as it cuts.  If you want to read an unbiased review of the new Cricut Mats...check out my post HERE.

2.  USE LOOSE GLITTER - grab that loose glitter you have laying around in your stash and put
it on your die cut shape(s).

 TIPS:  I like to use ultra fine glitter, like Martha Stewart brand, because I get better coverage. I also prefer to use my Xyron adhesive machine to add the adhesive to the die cut shape and then shake on the glitter to cover it.  I also like to use a similar color of paper to cut the die cut shape as they color of glitter I want to use.

3.  USE GLITTER GEL PENS -  Use glitter gel pens to trace around the edges of your die cut
shape or to color them in.  This is more subtle way to add glitter to your page but gives it some
pretty glittery shine.

TIP:  I like to add one layer of the glitter pen to my die cut shape, then wait a minute or so to
make sure it is dry and go back over it again to add another layer.

4.  USE GLITTER GLUE -  Use glitter glue, like Stickles on your die cuts.

 TIP: Be sure and use it in small controlled amounts. If you add it tooo thick it will take along
 time to dry and might warp your die cut image.

I hope this helps you think a little outside of the norm and encourages you to try something new on your die cut shapesHappy Die Cuttting !


  1. Thanks for the fun tutorial about glitter! Great ideas!

  2. I gasped when I read the beginning of this post. I was SOOO sad...so ok, joke's on me! So VERY glad this was just a joke!!

    Anyway, thanks for the tips on glittering and glad I'll be able to continue to follow a great blog!

  3. Ha ha....very funny!!! Thanks for the glittering tips, I think every project needs a little sparkle...

  4. I hope you all weren't too upset with me...my hubby thought the April Fools joke was a bit much. You know we love all of you and want to keep the blog going as long as possible !

  5. You got me! So happy it was only a joke :)

  6. I am late to the game and you got me! I was thinking: Oh, no! When is the last day? I just posted my project! Thanks for the tips on the glitter. I love Martha Stewart glitter, too.

  7. Long live the blog!!! Loved your tutorial on the different ways to glam up a project. I do love glitter. Those sticky mats are going to come in handy as I have ruined quite a few sheets of the glitter paper having them slip away from the blade!I haven't set aside a blade for those tough-on-blades papers. Good idea!

    1. I was very upset , thinking I should have had my post ready on time then read the punch line. Lol you got me. Thanks for the glittery tips.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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