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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Charmed, I'm sure!

Hello again!  Doreen from polkadotpaperprincess here to show you some of my favorite ways to use my Cricut... to make charms!

I'm just starting out with the Cricut Craft Room.  Although I wish it were offline so I never had to worry about my internet connection, I am finding that when I am home, I am trying it more and more!

I love to make charms!  I made these out of Cricut cuts from Flower Shoppe and Cricut Craft Room Basics.

The first one is cut from a regular piece of plastic.  The second one is the same leaf cut multiple times, glued together, edges inked then glaze applied over top.  The third and fourth ones are  pieces of shrink plastic.  The sparkly heart was shrank, then a thin layer of glaze added and glitter over that.  The fourth one is dipped into my melting pot full of embossing powder.  The 5th one is multiple layers of paper.  You must remember to flip the last one.  I found with this particular leaf, it is better to just flip a piece of paper and not the image.  For some reason when it flips, it cuts smaller!  The last one is a piece of shrink plastic that I colored with a sharpe and then melted with my heat gun.

There are so many different ways to make charms with our Cricuts!

Here are a couple of completed charms.

I may try to retake the photos in the day light to help you see the charms better.  IRL they look really nice and will be making their way onto some projects! 

Enjoy your Cricut for more than just cards!


  1. Doreen, these are wonderful! I love how glazed and glittered your charms! Thanks for the ideas.

  2. So cool. A new thing to try soon. Love the finished product!

  3. Awesome charms! I've used the shrinky dinks but will definitely have to try some of your other methods as they came out super cute.

  4. Wow! Those look amazing!


  5. Wow, these are so much fun!!! I just love the finished product and would love to see the projects you added them too :) these would even make fabulous jewlery!!

  6. Wow...These are great!!! I love the charm embellishments on layouts....

  7. Very pretty charms! Thanks for sharing you different techniques. I've only made charms using shrink dinks so far. May have to try some of your tips!

  8. What a fun post! Thanks for reminding me how easy it is to make charms and earrings for any occasion using Shrinky Dink and my Cricut! Your charms are so sweet!


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