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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Polymer Clay in Cricut Cake

Hi Everyone! It's Melody Lane here from www.MelodyLaneDesigns.com I wanted to share with you my very first polymer clay project. If you follow me and have watched my shopping hauls you know I have been buying a lot of clay because Michaels had the sale of a life time last week and I could not pass it up even though I have never used it. well, I also have a Cricut Cake Machine that was still in the box after a year and a half I thought I was never going to use it to make a cake. I don't make cakes, and they get eaten so I thought I would use it for polymer clay instead and make something I can keep, or sell.

I made a peace key chain, now remember this was my first clay project so it is not perfect. It did cut out great on the Cricut Cake, I used Cricut Craft Room and Groovy Times cartridge. I mixed in glitter to the red clay and then to the pink clay for the flower, but that was not enough bling so I also sprinkled it on top of the flower, before placing on the other layers.
It was a lot of fun making these and I will make more with clay and my Cricut. I put an eye pin through the top before baking it in the oven and then I can make it in to key chains, charms, earrings, the possibilities are really endless. 

This one to the right was the first one I did, I'm not as happy with it as the second one. I rolled out the clay too thin on the first one and it made it harder to move and get off the mat.

I cut it out at 2" I think it is a good size for a key chain or necklace. I have the cut file here if you have the Groovy Times cartridge.

Polymer clay must be baked to harden, I baked in my toaster oven at 275 degrees as it says in the directions on the package of clay.

Just like most of my projects I added a video. There is also a tiny haul in the video showing some things I bought to make more things with clay.

                                                            Cricut Info & Supplies Used 
Designer: Melody Lane
Machines Used: Cricut Cake
Cartridges Used: Groovy Times
Other Supplies: Sculpty Polymer clay, eyepin, key ring, glitter.


  1. How creative you are! I might add, brave, too! For using clay in your Cricut Cake! The earrings are so colorful and fun!

  2. You are very ambitious to try this! Can't wait to see what else you think up!

  3. I had wanted to try this.... so now I know I works! Great concept and fun project, Melody!

  4. I'm so glad you shared this with us as I've always wanted to try to clay with my cricut. machine.

  5. I think you have opened up and entirely new stream of crafting. This is ingenius. I will be hunting for a bargin on a Cricut Cake now just to use the pounds of polymer I've been collecting. Thank you for making the effort and taking the risk.

  6. This is impressive Melody! Love the idea!

  7. What a way to think out of the box! I've only looked at the Cake and saw cake decorating and cookies. Awesome start, I'm sure as you experiment more you will be very happy with the results.


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