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Friday, July 19, 2013


Sorry this is late, I forgot to click publish so it stayed in draft form and didn't post on the 19th....
Hey there, it's Freda from CannCreate Designs back with a little Christmas Holiday Cheer for you.  I  try to have a Christmas in July party at my house every year where I get together with some of the crafty members of my family and we make items that they can recreate at home  and give as gifts.  When I first started this we did it in late November/early December and they complained that they didn't have enough time to make the presents  for Christmas so we moved it to July.

I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas, any possible craft was pinned into my "Christmas in July Ideas" board.  I am writing this in April and I decided to make Snowmen gift boxes for each of the ladies.  Each box will hold an ornament for their tree. 

Okay, here goes....Today I am sharing a Snowman Giftbox using an SVG pattern I purchased from a company called My Scrap Chick .  They sell patterns for most cutting machine software formats and even in PDF for printing and hand cutting.  This Winter Patio Pavers pattern is their paper version of the patio paver blocks that people paint and make decorations out of.  There is also a card file included that matches, maybe I'll get time to make cards too...
First I cut out the files and sort the side pieces to the top and bottom of the box.  (the top side pieces of the box will be the two pieces with the 1/2 circle cuts in them.  To sort the top/bottoms inside/outside pieces you can stack all 4 cuts...the largest one will be the top/outside piece where the face/buttons go.  There will be 2 pieces that are the same size...one of those will be the inside of the top, it covers the area inside of the box top where the tabs are glued. The other will be the outside piece of the bottom.  The smallest piece that you have left will be the inside of the bottom, it covers the glued tabs on inside of the box bottom.  Clear as mud???  I'll try to explain in the pictures as you're assembling....  Be sure once you have sorted the pieces to separate them into the Top and Bottom sections, only work on one section at a time and keep them separated.  You might even write lightly in pencil on an area inside that will be hidden which pieces are which...if that will help you to keep them sorted.

Fold side pieces on the score lines, also fold tabs towards inside.

Note the slight size difference in this picture of the top inside and outside pieces...

We will assemble the sides first...I prefer that the end pieces without tabs be towards the inside of the box so I put glue on the inside of the tabbed piece and placed the untabbed piece so that it would be inside...wish I had taken pictures of that step....anyways you should wind up with a shape like this (bend the piece where the head/body join out so this shape is formed), I don't think it matters too much which side the untabbed piece is placed...just personal choice.

Now, making sure that you have the top outside and inside pieces and the side pieces with the 1/2 circles cut in it...apply glue to 3-4 tabs as illustrated below....

Using the top outside piece (the largest piece)...align and glue the tabs that have adhesive on them.  Hold each tab in place for a few seconds for the adhesive to set before attaching the next piece.  Work your way around the "bottom" of the snowman before gluing the head area tabs down.  You should have a piece like the one pictured below:

Now get one of the 2 same sized pieces, apply adhesive to the back of the piece (if you are using liquid glue do it sparingly and only around the outside edges to minimize waviness on your snowman top).   Apply this piece to cover where the tabs are glued inside.

Assemble the box bottom in the same manner...using the remaining pieces.  Your boxes should fit together like this:

Ink/Chalk in light blue or gray around the edges of the top of your box(the piece with the 1/2 circle cuts in it).  I prefer to chalk the "cheek" spots instead of using the circle cuts in the pattern, and also used black mini round gems by Recollections for the eyes.  Remember that you are going to be adding a ribbon to the area where the head/body join, so leave enough room below your  "Cheeks" so the ribbon doesn't hide your facial features.   Don't assemble your face and button pieces until after applying the ribbon.  Ink/Chalk the edges of the buttons, nose and stars in brown.  It's not pictured here, but I added little red "bling" dots to the stars-you can see them in the photo at the beginning of the post. 

Next tie your ribbon around the neck area of the snowman, turn the snowman around and cut the ribbon in half on the back side.  Apply adhesive to the back of the ends that you just cut.  Center the knot on the front of the snowman and bring the adhesive sides around to the inside of the lid to hide the ends.

Now add your face and buttons to the top of the box, and you're good to go...I hope you enjoyed this little "Christmas Break."

I must say it has been a pleasure to share my projects with you...I'm sure I'll see you all around on the blogs.  Thanks for stopping by,


Designed by:  Freda Cannon 
Machine Used:  Cricut Expression
Project Type:  3D Gift Box
Products Used:  MTC Software; Winter Pavers file from My Scrap Chick; White cardstock with a few pieces from my stash; Assorted ribbon from my stash of swap items, Recollections Mini Round Gems from Michaels, Queen & Co bling.


  1. Your snowman are so cute! What a great and creative use for that pattern!

  2. They are so adorable! Thank you for all your wonderful projects. You have shared so much inspiration!

  3. What a fabulous idea to have a Christmas themed crop in July! This is a great way to get a head start on Christmas cards and gifts! Your snowman box is just perfect for the ornament gift. Thank you so much for all the detailed instructions and how to get the pattern.

  4. Love the snowman gift boxes! Just so cute. I'm sure your friends will love them too. Thanks for the inspiration.


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